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remember when spongebob met the arctic monkeys

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Coraline is a masterfully made film, an amazing piece of art that i would never ever ever show to a child oh my god are you kidding me

Nothing wrong with a good dose of sheer terror at a young age

"It was a story, I learned when people began to read it, that children experienced as an adventure, but which gave adults nightmares. It’s the strangest book I’ve written"

-Neil Gaiman on Coraline

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adaams carvalho

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need to find a new addiction :(

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But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?

- Mark Twain

This is honestly my favorite quote. It’s changed how I look at life and religion

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Suspended Floral Installations by Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law is a London-based installation artist known for her transformation of spaces using hundreds or thousands of suspended flowers. Trained in fine art at Newcastle University in England, Law has been working with natural materials for 17 years, a practice that involves a constant exploration of relationships between nature and humans. Over the past few years she has worked in numerous public spaces, museums, and galleries, and has been commissioned by brands like Hermes, Cartier and Gucci.

You can see more of her work over on Yellowtrace, and in her artwork and projects galleries. (via Yellowtrace)

I would cry

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70 Lingerie Sales for the Week of 7/19/14

Credit: Images via Hepburn & Leigh

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